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800.232.8669   Routing Number : 321176804

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Home Loan Center

You're buying a house - probably the biggest purchase you'll ever make. At Alliance, our home loan programs make finding and keeping that home a little easier - at terms you can live with.

Need help deciding on the best loan for you? Just tell us what's important, and we'll help you find it.

Our home loans

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Monthly principal and interest payments remain the same throughout the term.
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Predictable monthly payments
  • 15 - 20 or 30 - year terms

Initial Fixed-Rate Loan

5|5 ARM - 5 years of low, locked-in payments, then an adjustment every 5 years after that.

We also have additional adjustable mortgage loans such as the 3|1 ARM, 5|1 ARM and 7|1 ARM with an adjustment annually.
  • Great rates
  • Up to $2 million financing for purchases or refinances
  • Maximum term of 30 years

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Low Down Payment Options

FHA and VA Loans
  • Low down payment
  • Flexible credit and income guidelines

Home Equity Line of Credit

Our home equity line of credit can provide financing options to upgrade your home or for unexpected expenses.

A Home Equity Line of Credit may be a good option if you want ongoing access to available funds.
  • Competitive low rates
  • Flexible financing
  • Easy access to funds 24/7
  • Up to $250,000 financing
  • Variable Rates
  • Up to 100% Loan to Value
  • No Annual Fee

Home Equity Loan

Your home’s equity can help you finance anything from a college education to home improvements.

Get some peace of mind with a fixed rate, fixed term and fixed payments.
  • Competitive low rates
  • Flexible financing
  • Easy access to funds 24/7
  • Up to $250,000 financing
  • Fixed Rates
  • Up to 100% Loan to Value
  • No Annual Fee

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