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800.232.8669   Routing Number : 321176804

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Our Sunnyvale Branch is currently closed due to unforeseen circumstances.  We will announce when the branch is reopened.

Alliance soon to be known as Excite CU

Alliance Credit Union is now:

The new name reflects our ceaseless commitment to all those we serve across the U.S. – from San Jose, California to Wilmington, North Carolina. The decision to change name and brand was not simple. Several reasons brought us to this necessary conclusion:
  1. The name was confusing. There are over 115 financial institutions with the Alliance name and over 20 Alliance Credit Unions nationwide. Changing the name and brand allows us to be more prominent in the financial arena.
  2. We will be even more involved in the communities we serve. We are executing on a larger strategy of doing good in the communities we serve by volunteering, partnering with non-profits primarily to help foster care and other at risk youth, and serving the underserved.
  3. The name was dated. The name has rarely changed over the past 65 plus years. It is time for us to update the look and feel of the credit union to be more modern and attractive.
Over the course of the next few months, we will be rolling out sweeping changes across our organization. This means you’ll see updates to our letterhead, branches, signage and website.
If you have questions (and we know you might), review the FAQs below. If you need specific questions answered, feel free to stop by a branch, or call us at 800.232.8669.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and the leadership team, we offer you our gratitude for your continued support for the credit union.

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Rename and Rebrand Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What can we expect to change?
A: Expect quite a few cosmetic changes in the upcoming months.  Everything from exterior signage, brochures, stationary, and more will be updated.  You should also expect to see a brand new website!
Q: What can we expect to stay the same?
A: There will be no impact to your day-to-day banking, account numbers, or login information.
Rates and fees will not be affected by the name change. We will continue to monitor our rates and fees as we always have to ensure high value and return to you, the member. Rates and fees do fluctuate, as they adjust in response to market conditions.  Membership eligibility and locations will remain the same. 
Q: Will the credit union’s contact information change (e.g. phone numbers, website and email addresses)?
A: All phone numbers will remain the same. We will announce the new website address and email addresses with the reveal of the new name in the coming months.
Q: Is the name change a result of a merger or acquisition?
A: No. The name change is not the result of a merger or acquisition of any kind. The name change is part of a comprehensive plan to grow and continue building a healthy and sustainable organization serving you and future generations.   
Q: Will the ownership of the credit union remain the same?
A: Yes.  The credit union will remain 100% owned by you, the members.
Q: Will my direct deposit be affected?
A: No.  This change is cosmetic only and will not affect your personal records or day-to-day operations.
Q: Will my credit/debit card be replaced?
A: No.  Yes, over time, all credit/debit cards will get replaced as they expire and new cards are issued.
Q: Who can I call if I have a specific question?
A: Further questions can be answered in branch or by calling us directly at 800.232.8669.